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The most fun workout I ever had!

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Despite being born with two left feet, I have always loved dancing. In fact, most of my fitness regime is centred around dance like Barre workouts or dance cardio. It’s always been one of my dreams to attend Body by Simone’s (BBS) live class. BBS is a signature fitness method started by Simone De La Rue. Her technique involves dance, our own body weight and light resistance in the form of small dumbbells and resistance bands to develop long, lean muscle (i.e. a dancer’s body!).

I have been using BBS’s fitness app since it was launched and I feel it’s fabulous. I especially like the fact that you can personalise your goals in the app and it suggests your workouts based on your fitness goal. Also, you can create custom workouts and the app has a new live class every week. In addition, the app suggests you a customised food plan and recipes created by Kelly LeVeque. My fellow vegans, hold your breath - the app also has an option for selecting a plant based diet!

So, when I found out that BBS was doing a live popup class at Danceworks Studios in London, wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me from attending it! I was so excited the night before the class that I almost couldn’t sleep with excitement and anticipation. And, I was not disappointed.

Me with truly inspiring and legendary Simone. Such a pleasure to attend her live class!

What I loved most as soon as I entered the studio was that Simone and Alice Ramshaw (Director of training at Body by Simone) were going around the room introducing themselves to everyone who has come to attend the class. This brought a touch of warmth and personalisation to the class even before it has started. It was also wonderful that Simone mentioned at beginning that this class was all about letting go and having fun and that you don’t have to be a dancer to get best out of this class.

The class lasted for an hour and was a great mixture of instruction and fast pace. Both Simone and Alice were amazing. I loved Alice's energy. Both of them went through the choreographies in detail and broke them down in small sections. As a result, we all got the basic of the choreography. The music was great and got all our hearts pumping. The class is intense (everyone was covered in sweat during the first 20 minutes!) but at the same time everyone can keep up with it. Also, people can modify the moves as per their fitness levels. Simone mixed some body strengthening exercises in the class. Hence, it was a great mix of toning and cardio workout. For anyone planning to attend a BBS class, proper footwear, a face towel and a bottle of water is a must.

I can’t really think of any cons, apart from wishing that I could attend a live BBS class every day.

In short, I had a time of my life and I can only wish that being fit was always so much fun. Personally, I can’t wait for BBS’s next pop up class in London and for them to open their London studio. Until then, I will be logging into the BBS app to perfect my ‘Bad Girls’ moves. Happy dancing!

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